Who we are

Hesed Consultants (PTY) LTD was established in 2012. Hesed (pronounced he-sed)it is derived from the Hebrew word meaning loyalty and loving-kindness, these are the values we endeavour to establish with our clients.

We offer financial; strategic and operational solutions within a global context. Our solutions and engagement model aims to educate and empower our clients to efficiently execute on their goals. Our service offering consists of the following pillars: Business Consulting; Personal Coaching; Public Speaking and Social Entrepreneurship.

We work with Corporation’s Enterprise Development Teams; Corporate Social Responsibility Divisions; Non-Profit Organisations; Governments and Small Business Incubator to offer corporate advisory services to small and medium enterprises. These include; financial training; strategy alignment and operations re-engineering to ensure maximum efficiency. We assist leadership teams in translating their strategic organizational goals into tangible well run operations.

We work closely with individuals to coach them to fast track their trajectory in achieving their personal goals. We empower people with skills to excel in their particular environment.

We offer public speaking services for conferences; workshops; private corporations; expos; educational institutions; government and Non- Profit Organizations. These services are speaking; facilitation; programme director; guest lecturing and training.


Our consulting services are coaching in their approach to educate and empower entrepreneurs in the running of their organizations in the following spheres:
Operations; finances; leadership and team dynamics.


We specialize in the following coaching arenas:
• Life Coaching
• Executive Coaching
• Finance Coaching
• Career Coaching
• Leadership Coaching

Public Speaking

We have historically covered but are not limited to the following topics:
• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship
• Finances
• Conducting Business in Africa
• Women Empowerment
• Team Dynamics
• Branding
• The power of education
• Millennial Mindset
• Career fast tracking
• Presentation and Media skills


We export various goods and services continent. We are expedient and reliable and have expertise in conducting business on the African continent.
We have successfully operated in East; West; Central and Southern Africa.

Vumile Msweli, CFP
/ CEO at Hesed Consulting
Makabelo Motaung
/ COO at Hesed Consulting

Vumile Msweli completed her High School with an A-Average at St.Mary’s DSG. She has previously worked for reputable multi-national institutions such as Barclays, Investec, Nedbank, First National Bank and Vodafone.

Vumile is a Certified Financial Planner; an Operations; Finance and Strategy Specialist in both the telecommunications and finance sectors.
She has successfully lead global teams in Africa(Nigeria; Kenya; Democratic Republic of Congo; Zambia; Lesotho; Ghana; Tanzania; Mozambique and South Africa); and Europe (Scotland; Isle of Man and England). These teams held various specialties such as Operations; Client Services; Strategy; Business Development and Risk Management.

Vumile is an avid coach and speaker having spoken in conferences; expos; workshops around the globe on topics such as leadership; women empowerment; finance matters and conducting business in Africa.

Makabelo Motaung is from a consulting background and an expert in providing business support and solutions to entrepreneurs. Her experience with overseeing projects from inception to end makes her well able to take charge and ensure the delivery of a holistic business solution.

She is from a consulting background and an expert in providing business support and solutions to entrepreneurs. Her experience with overseeing projects from inception to end makes her well able to take charge and ensure the delivery of a holistic business solution.

Today her focus is turning traditional services and resources into innovative solutions that keep up with the modern client’s need.

Makabelo has also worked with various institutions and communities as a renowned speaker & coach, addressing various life issues and radically impacting positive change towards a better South Africa. She is a sought after content contributor writing for The Star, Destiny Magazine and Cape Argus on issues affecting women. She is regularly featured on POWER FM, CAPE TALK & VOW FM (Radio Stations) as well as Mzansi Insider, Real Talk and Daily Thetha(TV show) discussing social and business topics.

Hesed Consultants (PTY) LTD are avid believers in being responsible corporate citizens who are active contributors in addressing social issues facing society. Hesed has chosen to contribute to society by focusing on education and entrepreneurship.

Hesed Africa Foundation

The Hesed Africa Foundation was established as a Non Profit Company. The aim of the foundation is to consult to small and medium size businesses that cannot afford to access these services. We service women and youth owned enterprises across Africa.

Hesed Africa Foundation aims to assist small business and individuals with a special focus in youth and women empowerment in the business world. With smaller business we assist in their operations. We aid them to improve business optimization; create capacity; innovate processes; improve customer experience in so doing support small businesses to accelerated growth

With our staff offering of their personal weekend time to educating local young people from an underprivileged high school as volunteer teachers.

We believe that small businesses are critical in driving economic growth as such we offer discounted packages of our services to small businesses.